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Crosstalk is a community blog.
The forum which it replaces was established in 2009.


Historically, Crosstalk has been sort of the back porch for Gawker. It has been a place to shoot the breeze, ask for help, spread the word, offer a link, gossip, complain, form friendships, arrange meetups, all with a healthy dose of video exchanges and GIF parties.

The Kinja platform will let us to do all that and more.

Now instead of pointing toward a post on one of the blogs, another community or a personal Kinja, we can share the post in its entirety with a couple of clicks.


The blogging tools with their ability to embed multiple videos or images, along with providing more control over layout will allow us to create more enhanced posts, some of which may get shared onto the Gawker front page. This has already happened with the other Gawker Media sites and at the discretion of the Gawker bloggers, it could possibly happen from here.

This is a community space for the community to do as they wish. What happens here will evolve naturally, as it has done since the community forums began. Thus far, the only rules are kind of soft, but basically it would be appreciated for NSFW images to go under a cut and while there's nothing wrong with self-pimping, too much will be too much.


Otherwise, the Terms of Use and Content Guidelines which are linked from the bottom of each page governs all of Gawker Media and every Kinja site, and there will be no tolerance for spam.

How Do I Post?

While everyone can respond to any post because this is a community blog, root posting access is limited to members of the community.


This means that you must join Crosstalk in order to post to its mainpage.

Right now, I'm the only one distributing posting access, though this will change.


Periodically, we'll run a call for posters which will be tagged "join".
This should make them easy to find.

To request access, all you have to do is reply directly to one of these posts, so that I will get the notification and unless your neighbor's dog's best friend's cat is making thousands of dollars on the internet, I will add your name to the list at my earliest opportunity.


To be honest, it will be difficult for me to acknowledge each request with a reply — there's only so many ways to say "here you go" — so after making your request, you'll need to keep a check on the dropdown under your name. When you have successfully joined the community, a Crosstalk bookmark will appear under "Your Blogs" and the "publish to" portion of the Kinja posting form will list Crosstalk as an option.

Of course if a day or so passes and I somehow missed your request, you're welcome to request again and if you just can't wait to post, you can tag one on your own Kinja with "Crosstalk" and hopefully myself or one of the other community members will share it to the blog.


(More about this community's guidelines or to report a scofflaw, here)
(For an explanation of tags, see this post)


Most importantly, have fun. This is our space.

Welcome to Crosstalk!

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