Just got the new Joan Jett album. (Double fan boy squee since Dave Grohl is her lead guitarist on the disk.)

Listening to it I realize I like new Joan Jett albums for exactly the same reason I like new Slayer albums.

Most bands vary themselves from album to album hitting highs and lows, trying experimental stuff, searching for new angles, etc... so you never know quite what you are buying.

Not so with Joan Jett or Slayer. Both acts figured out with their first albums what they are good at playing and what their fans want - and each album delivers that very well.

There will never been a "that's the best Joan Jett album" or "that's the best Slayer" album it's always going to be like "oh, more Joan Jett tracks" or "oh, more Slayer tracks."

You know exactly what you are buying and if you like what they do you'll always have fun with one of their new albums. You won't ever see them go into new territory, but given that they do what they do so well, why should they?