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What makes women like shitty "men"?


This is basically a semi-rant about my mother. After my time watching Divorce Court (don't judge me) I realize this is not a unique problem. Also, I don't need to ask why men like shitty women because I know the answer to that. We are shallow idiots.

My mother is a pretty smart woman. She's educated and all that good stuff. When it comes to men though, she is ridiculous with it. She's been with married men. You know, those "I wanna divorce wife wife but" scrubs. Hell, even my father is a fucking deadbeat. Now she is in this on again off again relationship with another scrub.


This motha fucka here has two kids by two different women. Not a problem at first until you realize that he only acknowledges one of them (the boy of course). He will bring him to my mother and then burn the fuck out. He stays with his mother until he can find some dumb chick that will let him move in. So, he's looking for another mother. He found one in mine and she is too happy to oblige. When he moves back in with her, his job around the house will be this: show up when the food is ready. That's it. That's the list. He will be using her vehicle until "he gets money to repair his".

Okay, I'm done. This is turning into a rant about me so I'll stop. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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