In a world full of reality tv, it's a bit difficult to find any good, scripted television. I can only assume I'm not alone in the quest to find watchable tv that doesn't involve voting, singing, alliances, and other dumb shit. So I've decided to create a Top 10 list of my favourite shows (syndicated shows included) that I currently watch.

Here they are in no particular order:

-Sons of Anarchy (Charlie Hunnam is sexy as fuck!)
-Boardwalk Empire
-Lassie (the one that features the
grandpa, not the 1990's revamp)
-King of The Hill
-Family Guy
-American Dad
-Roy Rogers
-Lone Ranger


As you see I couldn't finish off my Top 10 list because I just can't find anything else worth watching. Anyone else care to share their list? Commentary (what you like about the shows on your list) on your shows are also welcome.