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Written in Ink
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When Reality Takes You Out Of A Show

I just streamed last night's Nashville and this has been at least the third episode mentioning or centering around a "new" music festival the show's "Mayor" launched. What has taken me out of the show is that there has been no mention of Nashville's annual "Fan Fair", which just celebrated it's 41st year.

Doubling the confusion is the fact that the show's creator, Callie Khouri, has lived in Nashville in the past; the show is filmed in Nashville, most of its stars have homes there (including Kimberly Williams-Paisley) and ABC has carved a special out of it for ten years.


I get that having the music should help the show and it's a good device to get all the characters back in town, but they could at least toss out a throw-away line about how the new music festival would balance the calendar against the CMA Music Festival.

Every June, a couple of hundred thousand people go to Nashville for a music festival, millions watch highlights on television, country radio makes it a big deal and literally generations of people know it's there. A lot of these people are watching ABC's Nashville, you'd think that for no more than the cost of a spoken line, they'd at least acknowledge the fact.

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