Some employees were evacuated from a building on the Hewlett-Packard campus in Boise today after management called police for assistance in regards to "suspicious activity". At this time it is unclear why police were called, what was suspicious about the activity and the building is not owned by HP. First!

Update: The television station's post hasn't changed and it still says there's been no reported injuries, so I don't have a problem with the idea of making fun or regret doing so, but because it's only fair... a commenter to the KBOI site says they've heard from a Facebook friend that the police were called in response to a threat against a company involved with Obamacare.

2nd Update: KBOI has now added a paragraph to their original, vague post saying that police have said reports of an "active shooter" are inaccurate. As of yet, no word about a bomb threat.

Again, no one has been hurt and employees have been evacuated from the site.

3rd Update: Reportedly, police are leaving the scene.