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Which Corner of Society Should I Save While Procrastinating?

  • Or, what self-centered festival of over-analysis would you, my dear readers, be the most fascinated to have me write for you. (ETA: oh gos do I think Im being clever, writing lije this?)I'll try to be less abstruce than in my worst posts. So, the point of this post is that I'd like to hear if you think I should spend any time polishing some prose on any of these subjects- and please "whatever you feel like" is not an answer, because I feel like is asking other people: (Oh and fuck this formatting I'm not spending hours tweaking it to look perfect, you get the idea I hope)
  • The gender roles here, much more strict than back home, less comfortable in my skin as a woman, being asked if I want to be a man. No, I'd like to be myself and have it not be something that stands out for what are, for me, wrong reasons.
  • Being an entitled and privileged immigrant that gets left outside the hospital with one shoe in my hand because my ankle is too swollen to fit in, after dark on a street I don't know, crying from the physical pain and mental isolation of being treated like me and my health were worth much less than back home by a few doctors, because my EU-granted free full-coverage insurance means I've come here to take therrr heltghcerr.
  • The Crazy Finn stereotype with its variations, and the surprising reasons it it enforced, the assimilation through eradication of the use of Finnish language in Sweden- sometimes even when both parents were Finnish immigrants. No Finnish school which means the half Finnish Girl who can say one heavily accented sentence in Finnish is showing her cultural roots by getting drunk and cursing in a caricature of her mother's native tongue- I have met more than one of thee boys and girls. Also, you know, the whole being considered a Mongol race incapable of governing itself in well the first half the 20th century.
  • The recent persecution of the Mari people in Russia, foreign intervention an its parallels to the current "don't teach my kids to be gay " controversy. Either it had a happy ending or a sad and cynical one.

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