Paula Deen...Y'all

Contribution: Paula Deen was instrumental in the creation of Soul Food. She is the author of several cookbooks. One of which is titled, I am the South Y'all, where she talks about some of her recipes, such as her "Deep Fried Grease" and the world famous "Chocolate Covered Butter Sticks"

When talking about her collard green recipe, "I saw all these plants in my garden and thought to myself, "we need some green vegetables with my fried chicken dish I created earlier in the month. I figured since no one else thought of it, why not. People always talked about how nice my coloreds were." When asked if she meant collards instead of coloreds, "Just make sure they are washed".

Paula was also part of the "Freedom and Work for All" (FWA) which helped free the slaves and give them work. She, till this day, has been the only person to hire an all black staff for her events. During one of these events (called "The Black Event") she heard some black people using the N-word. Witnesses say she took them aside and told them how hurtful that was to their ancestors. They agreed and that word was never to be uttered again.

Lastly, she is responsible for the phrase "Put some South in your mouth" which has become popular in the porn scene.

As we know, February 1st is the start of Black History Month. With that comes the question, "Where is my White History Month?" I am here to help those people in starting White History Month.


Shoutout to FridayFriday for reminding me that Paula Deen exists still.