Written in Ink
Written in Ink

I am not sure where MsCinephile is with her RPDR Kiki and I don't want to tread on her post.

I honestly don't know who I want to win. I would be happy with any of the final three winning.


Season 5 I was rooting for Jinkx because I knew her back in Portland when she was a baby queen and she was crowned Rosebud at the Rosebud & Thorn pageant at the all-ages gay club The Escape. I was well past my clubbing days there by then, but I was running a HIV testing night at The Escape and Jinkx did lots to help promote us and even did a few fundraisers for my organization. Roxxxy was a wretched bully to Jinkx on the show so the minute that hag started ragging on Jinkx I knew she had to be my girl to win.

So, who do you want to win?

ETA: They are filming the crowning ceremony tonight in Los Angeles, but if you are familiar with how they have shot it the last two seasons each of the three finalists will be crowned "winning" with the reaction shots, and the actual winner will be the one shown in the broadcast. The final three won't even know who wins until they watch the finale.

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