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Who Gossips About The Gossipers? (Everyone)

Gabriel Sherman at New York Magazine has an update on the latest at the Springfield Tire Fire Gawker Media.

Here are the bullet points:

  • Sherman claims there’s been tension over Gawker’s direction for a while now, with Nick Denton wanting to tone the site down a bit.
  • Leah Beckmann’s reportedly filling in for Max Read.
  • “Two sources said [Denton] asked John Cook, executive editor for investigations, to fill in as acting editorial director,” says Sherman. “So far Cook hasn’t answered.”

Your quote of the day:

“This is Nick’s Reichstag fire,” Craggs, Gawker Media’s executive editor, told staffers. What he meant, a source told me, is that “this was the pretext by which he can Vox-ify Gawker.”

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