Is probably what you asked yourself when you saw I had posting privileges. Yes denizens of Crossed Talk it is I, that devilish rogue you've heard nothing about yet wondered all the same "What is he doing here? What is he putting on the table?"

It is the gauntlet!

For here in this election season I bring you a new banner for which to rally around and find mirth like a digital may pole. I bring you Dana Carvey and Phil Hartman in a forgotten Saturday Night Live sketch about Ross Perot driving with Admiral Stockdale.

References! Faces! Text on images! These are the things that the Internet is made of! And if I have given you teh lolz then you must give me teh votez! I have no experience and no one knows who I am. Look in your hearts for my candidacy is perfect: I owe nothing to the feline demographic but my cold indifference and nothing to wooden pylons affixed to the ground.

Perot Banner: an old reference for a new age!