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Who is the Crosstalk imposter?

Groupthink has Raffey. (I can laugh because I never met Raffey that I remember. Of course I have no memory so that's a blessing. We may have been best friends. Huh.)

Anyway, who among us is lying about who they are? Hmm.

I personally suspect ALL OF CLASHTALK.

Actually, I don't really care. I mean, I guess if you'd invested emotional energy in being friends with someone and then know they lied, that feels bad. But then again, here on the Internet, we're all playing roles of one or another. For instance, I'm far more attractive than you're even imagining, but I try to stay humble.


Oh, I don't know. Geez, what a long con.

You know what I always wonder? If someone here is writing a dissertation about me. I want some credit hours!

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