I'd be curious who is generally your favorite. I will always maintain my favorite is Hamilton Nolan, despite his hatred of Boston—of course, irrational hatred really is a Bostonian trait so maybe the very essence of this city hits too close to home. I liked his series of stories of people who are unemployed especially. But in general, he has good righteous anger.

Agree or disagree, reading his rants are among the best stuff on any of the sites. And who else would write this paragraph:

The Royal Family is a grotesque relic of a less civilized time. The only just thing for a member of the Royal Family to do is, at age 18, to renounce all the privileges of their position and spend the remainder of their natural life denouncing the institution of monarchy and working feverishly to repay the public treasury for the outrageous and undignified years of support they've received. Since all of the current members of the Royal Family have passed the age of majority without having performed this basic nod towards civility, they are in contempt of the public trust. Confiscate their wealth, sell off their possessions, lock them up for theft, and strike all appropriations for the Royal Family from the public budget. Auction off the crown jewels, use the money to buy gasoline, and burn the queen's home to ground during a grand national celebration of the birth of a new society in which the public's money is put to use for the public's own benefit, and fame is accorded to those who have earned it by doing something more than being born with the right last name.


Though I will say I like others. Like many, I like Lacey and Caity a lot—both are great writers and consistently funny. And finally, my favorite gawker story—one that got a lot of shit but I thought it was a GREAT article, was Drew Magary talking about being a bully. Guy willing to own the fact that he has not always been the protagonist in the story of his life—refreshing honesty. And he showed an ability to be regretful and apologetic and not whitewash his past to look better.

What about you? Favorite stories? Writers?