Written in Ink
Written in Ink

An interview with Lowell Peterson, executive director of the Writers Guild of America East since 2008 about unionization at new media companies. The whole thing is well worth a read. Here’s a quote I found interesting, particularly in the sense of blue collar workers seeking to unionize:

This isn’t a work force that grew up with FDR [President Franklin D. Roosevelt] saying your president wants you to be in a union. There’s not a tradition of blue-collar militancy. These are knowledge workers, but we have experience with creative professionals. The kinds of things one talks to them about are similar to what one talks about with comedy and TV and news writers. It is culturally different and a wonderful place to work and organize. But knowledge workers don’t bring the same preconceptions, good or bad, to the table. And nobody assumed when they took the job, it would be unionized.


via Poynter.

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