I apologize for not remembering who I was talking to (actually I think it was owl, burt and girlfriend) about this but I'm spazzing because I just watched the "Introduction to Scrivener" video and it made my head explode. Gaaah!

I can see where Scrivener is an awesome tool for writing a novel. All those lost post-it notes and scribblings stuck to cork boards and scraps of characters or scenes typed into Notes could be dumped into this Scrivener tool and it promises to turn your scraps into a manuscript that Simon would fight with Schuster over.

November is the start of National Novel Writing Month and I know some of y'all are doing that. I did that once and I felt like I was chained to the keyboard for the month but at some point my brain really wasn't connected to my fingers and I was typing words only my dog would love.

So I like this Scrivener app, and I'll probably buy it because I'm desperate. I'm not getting any younger, let's face it, and the clock is ticking and I've never published a novel and it's a sore point. I went to school with people who published novels. I have friends who published novels. Worst of all, enemies have novels. Some of them have even gotten, gulp, acclaim. That's fine. I wish them, cough, all the best.

My best friend said I'm not allowed to say the words "writing" or "novel" to her anymore. Because I'm like all those people who walk around talking about how they're going to write a novel. She thinks I'm lazy and undisciplined and ding ding.

So yeah, there's an app for that. Only you need a computer science degree to understand it before you can use it to be a novelist. So I just don't know. It's all so haaaaard. "I hate writing," as my life coach Dorothy Parker says "I love having written."


Geez. This is as long as a novel. Maybe I toss this in there somehow. IF I KNEW HOW TO USE SCRIVENER!