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Who wants to give me wedding planning advice?

My boyfriend fiance and I had been talking about getting married this spring, but we only made our engagement official last week. Two of my best friends live in Europe, and are broke, so I'm trying to plan the wedding around their visits to the States. (One will go into hock to get here, but I don't want her to do that.) So, we're looking at early May for a date.

Apparently planning a wedding in five months is insane? It doesn't seem that crazy to me, especially since we're planning to put up a tent at mom's house in the country, keep it simple, probably bring a BBQ caterer, etc. Crafty stuff for the rest.

Am I out of my mind to think this is feasible, on the cheap?

We had initially talked about eloping, but I realized that it's important to me for a few people to be there. But I have a huge family who relishes the excuse for gatherings (that's a good thing! We love each other), which means a full-bore ~100 person wedding. No, I can't invite, say, my cousin who's like sister to me and not invite EVERYONE (and the same goes for friends).


So, anyone got any tips, advice, admonitions?

ETA: If anyone look to tell me what they particular enjoyed or disliked about weddings they've attended, I'd love to hear it!

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