Børk børk børk! Whoever over at 'Muppet Studios' that was in charge of uploading and captioning these digital shorts decided to have some fun with the timeless humor of the Swedish Chef (enable Swedish captions).

Interestingly, that was the only licensed Muppets video I could find that has subtitles of any kind. Whilst I really think I would marry the man or woman responsible for such a charming translation from Chef to phonetic English, that doesn't make the Swedish Chef skits themselves any less entertaining.

The Muppets Movie is about to celebrate its 35 year anniversary in 2014 as the rebooted, yet still timeless cast of floppy puppet entertainers are joined by Tina Fey, Ricky Gervais, and Modern Family's Ty Burrell for The Muppets' Most Wanted, following the success of the jangly-yet-endearing 2011 reboot The Muppets.

All Muppets brands and characters are owned by the Walt Disney Studios, however the Jim Henson Company does still own the rights to equally beloved puppet franchise Fraggle Rock, and have also confirmed a 2014 release date for a Fraggle Rock feature film, despite the piece being in production for nearly a decade.


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