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I can't help it. I look at Julian Assange and my mind screams "rapist arrogant douchebag". I look at Edward Snowden and I think "Libertarian dimwit who wants to be a hero". I look at Glenn Greenwald and the one word that comes into my mind is "overconfident twat who wants to be famous". I don't know why, but I do.

I don't hate this movement to reveal more of what the government does behind our backs. It is clearly a good thing, and hopefully will lead to some much needed reforms. I don't think its particularly revelatory, and indeed I think most of us on Gawker (and in the media in general) probably knew stuff like this was going on anyway, but still it's not a bad thing to have it more out in the open.

But none of these people seem like nice guys. Maybe that's how the media has portrayed them, and I know it doesn't 'matter', but still- I wish there was one of them I could genuinely like as a person.

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