Sure some of you are going to balk at the idea that we should need ID to vote in our banner election, of course by some of you I mean illegal voters.

I know that Magister will want to respond with a bunch of shiny technical reasons why Voter ID laws aren't needed on Crosstalk, I respect Magister and while I usually hold his opinions in high regard I cannot help but think his sunny and fair disposition is being abused by dark forces bent on capturing the Crosstalk banner as their own.

I have, at my own personal expense, hired fair and impartial monitors to work the polling places. The monitors are indeed cats, which some of you will judge as unfair because of the preponderance of cats in our banners, obviously that's just silly prejudice against cats since everyone knows that cats are the fairest and most reasonable creatures.

They also truly enjoy being thrown, while posts cannot enjoy anything (they are just dead trees, dead)