I mean, if sports, tech, gaming, and cars warrant their own blogs, why not the foibles of business and finance? Sort of the anti-CNBC. I think that could be a never-ending source of today's rumors and tomorrow's news. What's really interesting is that all kinds of people, with all kinds of motivations, would leave tips: employees, ex-employees, execs who didn't get the right office, exes in general, competitors, suppliers, whistleblowers, you name it.

Is there already a site like that out there? One that takes a contrary perspective on the behaviors of businesses and their leaders? Most of the ones I know about are just cheerleaders.

ETA: Sam and Nitasha do a good job of this, within a narrow business vertical. I'm just thinking something like ValleyWag for what we collectively refer to as 'Wall Street', though not limited to the Financial District, nor to just banks or brokerages. Shenanigans in the executive suite at any major company would be the play.