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Why Don't we have THIS in America?!?!!

The stuffed baked potato might be the greatest food find of all time. It is massive, carb-tastically delicious, and most definitely filling. Yessssss!


Here in Istanbul, these baked potatoes are prepared with a sloshing of butter and cheese before being stuffed with an insanity of buffet style toppings. Turkish style includes, but is not limited to: macaroni salad, olives, sliced hot dogs, peas, corn, cabbage, tzatziki, pink yogurt, mushrooms, relish, and hot sauce. It's like the Chipotle of potatoes.

Can you imagine what stuffed baked potato buffets would be like if they came to America? The continental possibilities are endless. Guacamole, garlic butter, taco bell sauce, pad Thai, Kraft Mac 'n cheese, pepperoni, crushed pop tarts, smoked salmon, cheetos, chutney, bacon, sriracha, wasabi, spaghetti-o's...and funions. What would you put in your stuffed baked potato at three in the morning?


Whether drunk, stoned, or just into terribly awesome food, stuff baked potatoes are the shyiiiit. They're so fatty, they should come with a gym membership that you'll never use.


Can someone please bring this franchise to America? You can compensate me for the idea with free stuffed baked potatoes for life, as well as treatment for my first and second coronary bypasses. Thanks Obama.


-Kat Vallera, NomadiKat Travel Media

Author of the book, "Around the World in 80 J's", now on Amazon

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