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Why I Don't Frequent Buzzfeed or Cheezburger Sites

The following was the first draft of my comment to Neetzan's follow-up regarding the Georgia Tech speech. Before hitting submit, I edited it into something totally non-confrontational and very different from what follows, but because this is Crosstalk and the Cheezburger posts have sometimes been discussed, I'm pasting my original comment here.

Like a lot of people, I watched the video yesterday because the speech was advertised as "epic" without any hint to its contents. I expected something along the lines of the "wear sunscreen" speech from a few years ago, but what I found was a thing about how great some guy thinks it is to go to some college; I'm sure other speakers at other schools thinks theirs are equally great.

Now because it went viral, internet detectives have decided to take him down a notch and as a result, I've heard a bit of speech that has nothing to do with me or anyone that I know and to pile-on the useless information, we've been told that he borrowed the concept from a former teacher and had asked permission in advance.

Whew! With that out of the way, what's happening in the Mideast?

Note: One of the big reasons that I tossed my original comment was that I've apparently had some points deducted from the algorithm and because my comments are now so far down on the page, if I angered the Kinja gods anymore, I'd have no place to go but gray.


If the subject were important, I'd be happy to stand my ground, but this topic wasn't it.

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