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Written in Ink
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Why We Voted NO

Today, my fellow Senators and I voted on a bill that would raise the minimum wage in this great country of ours to $10.10. Of course, all of us GOP members voted no. Well except for that fucking RINO, Sen. Bob Corker of Tennessee. The fuck is his problem? How can we take this country back if people do things like this?

Anyway, the reason we voted no was because, unlike president Obama, we actually care about the urban youth. Those people will be hurt the worse by his policies. Who's going to give them jobs when Obama's policies are getting them fired? As Sen Ted Cruz put it:

"Every senator who votes 'yes' is voting with an absolute certainty that hundreds of thousands of workers, including a great many African-American teenagers and a great many Hispanic teenagers, will be laid off as a consequence of their vote," Cruz said. "I would challenge any of the senators in this chamber to look in the eyes of those African-American teenagers, those Hispanic teenagers who are looking for a better opportunity."


That means if you voted YES, you are a racist. Why would it be mostly blacks and Hispanics getting fired? Simple. Obama's polices have made it harder for the ghetto youth to survive in this world. It's just like the Affordable Care Act. Bad things have been happening since it was implemented. We are trying to repel it for America but, the President won't meet us halfway. Side note: John Bohner won't let us call it "Obamacare" anymore. It turns out, people kinda want it. So, I shouldn't say this but, it was a huge backfire tying his name to the bill.

And there you have it. Next time I will tell you why we don't think women deserve equal pay. Hint: It's because the women I know don't want it.

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