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Written in Ink
Illustration for article titled Willie Manning Set to be Executed Despite Available DNA Evidence

Willie Manning was convicted of murdering 2 students in 1992 and is set to be executed today if the governor of Mississippi does not intervene. DNA evidence that could definitively prove whether Manning committed the crime has not been tested, and the Mississippi Supreme Court refused to force the state to test this evidence, despite the fact that most evidence against him was circumstantial. Now, it has further come to light that the FBI screwed up its hair analysis testimony and ballistics tests against Manning and said that it should be considered invalid.


It should be noted that the prosecutor has had 2 death penalty cases overturned because of DNA evidence, and instead of making him embrace the probative nature of DNA, he has doubled down on his protests, at least when it comes to exonerating defendants.


I called the governor's office at 601-359-3150 to lodge my protest, but no one answers that number. I then called the lt. governor's office at 601-359-3200 and they are willing to note your call and pass it on to the governor. I encourage everyone to call. It only takes a minute.

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