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Woman Starts 100,000 Man Quest (Links Are NSFW)

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In May 21 year old Ania Lisewska, a graphic designer from Warsaw, Poland announced on her Facebook page her goal of bedding 100,000 men around the world.


When word got out that Ania planed on taking her escapades to Egypt, many conservative Muslims took to the internet to express their disgust.

Excerpt from Huffington Post:

" 'One commenter pointed out the hypocrisy of Muslim Brotherhood supporters who claim to be defending religion while eagerly reading an article about a woman attempting to have sex with as many men as possible.


Another user angrily replied to that argument with this rejoinder: “So what if someone reads the article, we are not watching porn movies here!'. " I would love to read more of the anti-sexathon comments, but I couldn't find a website that could Arabic properly.

Ania's stats so far is 424 men. And out of the 424 men, 35 of them were in 8 hours. Allowing 20 minutes per encounter.


I personally have nothing against what she's doing, and applaud female sexual empowerment, I just hope she has proper safety measures in place.

Ania Lisewska's Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/anialisewskase…

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