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​Women as Lovers? Gays as Sex Criminals

It seems there was a bit of confusion on the Internet about Michael Johnson, 22, formerly a wrestler at Lindenwood University, and allegedly the perpetrator of a crime that sent dozens of people in flight to the nearest STD clinic. Some people, bless their heart, were under the impression that he might have potentially infected 30 or more women with HIV:


You don't have to be Sherlock and Holmes to figure out Johnson was a gay man: he very clearly spells it out for you, posting on Facebook that he possesses "some good bussy", that a man who insists he'll never bottom is really asking "would you Top me this one time!", and most tellingly, "I am homosexual [sic]. Happy to be one!" (Ironically he also posts that, although there are many different forms of sex, it is always important to "protect yourself against pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases".)

This crime wasn't recent. He was caught in October after one of his certifiably-male victims, now HIV-positive, identified him as a sexual partner. There has been a steady trickle of men reporting sexual contact with Michael Johnson AKA Tiger Mandingo. So why is it that Buzzfeed and Gawker couched their write-ups with the vaguest possible language? In writing about some of America's favorite port-a-potty voyeurs or the Zumba brothelier, they did not omit the fact of the perpetrators choosing subjects appropriate to their heterosexuality. The police must have been very forthcoming with that information. Everywhere I go, all I see are newspapers articles and blog posts and tweets that he filmed 31 partners, that they are looking for men and women who had relations with Johnson, that the school is very shaken up about his crimes (and perhaps what appears to be an epidemic of gay sex).


Unfortunately, the police were not able to "inform the suspect's teammates" he was HIV-positive because, you know, that shit might rub off. It's "extremely rare" for it to happen, thank God. The student who made the original complaint no longer attends Lindenwood University. Shocking that he'd find a hostile environment in a school too polite for a "Gay-Straight Alliance".


Sometimes publications are going to have positive stories to report about homosexuals (or at least recaps of Looking), and sometimes the gays themselves are going to be at the bottom of dark scandals. And they're not doing anyone a favor by playing that aspect down, particularly the victimized gay men.

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