Actually, it's Happy Nice Time People, but I'm not sure how they are different than Wonkette.

So we are pleasantly surprised โ€” extremely surprised, to be honest โ€” to find that his campaign announcement hits every highlight a Democrat would need to get elected in North Carolina, especially if that person is already a gay pop star.

  • Genuinely impoverished humble beginnings and a father who abused his mother? Check.
  • Strong focus on fact that Ellmers has cut support for military members and their families to the very bone? Check.
  • Reminding people he's a Christian? Check.
  • Letting people know he was a special education teacher before he did American Idol? Check.
  • Acknowledging that most people only know him from American Idol and he realizes that means they might not take him seriously? Check.
  • Being really nice about his opponent, stating that he knows she has a good heart, before pivoting to a laundry list of bad things she has done? Check.
  • Getting all bipartisan and saying that political solutions require both parties? Check.
  • UNICEF travel to war torn areas? Check.
  • Burnishing work-across-the-aisle credentials by saying he was appointed by President Bush to an educational commission focusing on special needs children? Check.
  • Even though he kicked open the closet door years ago and errrebody knows he's gay, not mentioning it here so no one can accuse him of undue focus on it? Check.
  • Asking God to bless us all at the end of the ad? Check and check and check check check.