Do you ever get the feeling at the office that clients (past/present/future) are under the impression that they are the ones that employee you? I really don't give a shit about your problem unless it could become my problem and I generally have a good idea of what my employer would consider my problem. Things that aren't my problem include locating paper work for you, former client, from 10 years ago, much less locating said paperwork in an expedited fashion because you suck at planning and being reasonable in what is basically a favor on my employers dime.

Also the filing cabinet is in the other room and I have tweets to read, I hate scanning stuff and they also actually pay me to do stuff that doesn't include doing work for you for free. I mean, I'll get back to you but I dunno, maybe tomorrow when no post-it notes remain on my desk and I have to pass the filling cabinets to retrieve a satisfying ice cold diet coke after throwing the last post it in the trash?