I already side-eye all the fucking nerfing in the world of MMORPGs but this: "The physical editions of this fall's Warlords of Draenor expansion for World of Warcraft will come with a code that'll allow players to boost a character to level 90. Pre-order a digital edition from Blizzard, and you'll get the boost right away. "

Link from Kotaku

Are you that lazy? I mean, what's the fucking point of playing if you start out near the endgame? What about all those fun times at lower levels, exploring and building a fucking character? ISN'T THERE ANY INTEGRITY IN THE WORLD OF VIDEO GAMES ANYMORE?

Damn, next up, they'll just sell you all the gold you want. FOR MONEY! Because why collect your own.

ETA: The level 90 character boosts cost $60 because Blizzard did not want to diminish the value of leveling. Oh fuck off, Blizzard