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Wow. Such embarrass. So shame. Much cringe. Head in knees.

Took a gander at my Spotify 'hits' list. It confirmed my deepest suspicions. I wish I were like the cool kids who can lis­ten to a wide variety of music and appreciate it equina­mously and sing the lyrics to 100 divers songs off the top of their low-temperature heads. Instead I find one band or one album and listen to it obsessively until I drop from exhaustion like a toddler on a temper tantrum. Reality check:

But wait, there's some redemption:


I'd love to see some of your Spotify most-played lists, new Crosstalk compatriots, even though this is the kind of thing I would not share in real life. Spotify is already evil for defaulting to public sharing. Maybe we can inspire each other to try something new?

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