Written in Ink
Written in Ink
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Programming Note

As you've undoubtedly seen, we'll all be switching to the new layout in the morning. One of the big aesthetic changes is a header image. I have a couple of quickly-produced things that I thought I'd try to get a feel for how it will be displayed. Once things settle, I'll probably ask for suggestions and submissions from the community, but right now, I'm not really sure how it will look and in the meantime, I thought that we'd go the temporary route to play with the image size options and the display.

Also, I'm sure some folks have noticed that I haven't been as visible lately. I have been lurking in the shadows and everybody else has definitely stepped-up, so there didn't look to be a big need for my involvement. Therefore, I've mostly just kept a quiet check on the place.


I believe that I now how have my personal and professional issues in hand. I'm not sure how much more I'll be visible over the next few days, but I will be around and though I may not get to it today, I hope to have the Crosstalk Twitter account active again by the end of the weekend.

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