Written in Ink
Written in Ink
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Yesterday, I finally got Taco Bell

Because my El Pollo Loco was undergoing renovations, I went to the Taco Bell across the street. I'm not a fan. I stare in bemusement when people have said they eat there. I don't get the popularity of the Dorritos Taco, which is a very simple idea and execution. But, listening to the people behind me order, I finally got it: you're supposed to order more than one thing. Each item of food is small, like an appetizer, so you order a lot of different things. Things I haven't eaten. I could have kicked myself, which tells you where my priorities are, chastising myself over bad fast food. But it's not bad. So I plan to rectify the situation by eating there more often, trying the many different things. No gastronome am I.


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