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Yet Russia Has The Lower Birth Rate

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"While Finland's Roope Tonteri was psyching himself up for his final run during the men's slopestyle competition yesterday, his coach seemed relaxed while knitting.

NBC Olympics captured the strange events on camera."

-"Slopestyle Coach Caught Knitting"

Pictured: Coach teaching snowboarder Ville Paumola to knit in the Olympic Village. The spokesperson for the Finnish Olympic team says the whole Finnish team is taking part in the knitting project.


ETA: The Guardian's Fred McConnell, who wrote that "presumably [knitting] calms her nerves" also wrote this. The coach he is talking about, Antti Koskinen, is a (cis-) man. Although Finnish doesn't have separate pronouns for men and women, I'd assume that in languages where they do exist, he'd prefer the one that matches his gender identity, not the one determined by the gender traditionally associated with one of his hobbies. ETA2+3: McConnell corrected his mistake and gave me a very good reply on Twitter:



Shockingly, the same can't be said about The Daily Mail (scroll down to "The Sochi Insider"):

"If you plan on heading to Sochi then whatever you do, please, do not forget your knitting. It is the perfect place to get those last few cardigans, mittens, babies hats or scarves finished - like Finland's coach Antti Koskinen has done. He took the ideal chance as Roope Tonteri prepared for the men's snowboard final to put the finishing purls to this sexy scarf."


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