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Written in Ink
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Yonder over at Jezebel . . .

. . . folks have started to wonder how it is that Whoopi Goldberg ever came to fame. Yeah, she’s become an apologist for rapists and assholes. People like Bill Cosby and Mel Gibson.

I say everybody’s got that one asshole friend, that one person you just can’t explain to anybody else. I don’t know why I like Rex. I can’t explain it, but we both enjoy Bibimbap and he’s the only one who will eat Korean food with me. But Whoopi, she has far exceeded her minimal allotment.


But this whole Bill Cosby crap has reminded me that Whoopi once had a one-woman show. It is so good. I don’t know if it’s dated or not. My family was the first in the neighborhood to get cable, and so this is one of the first standup routines that I ever saw. She’s so amazingly good in it. A real talent. Not long after this she went onto win an Oscar for The Color Purple. And this video gives you a glimpse at the monumental talent she had. She was so comfortable on the stage.


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