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"You can wield this thing like a lightsaber for your testicles."

I was shopping for a new beard and mustache trimmer on Amazon when I came across this gem of a review:

"I picked up this item because my old Remington PG250 wasn't holding a charge anymore. I had good luck with that one, so I decided to give Remington another shot with my trimmer. I must say that I was pleasantly surprised on my first use. The fine trimmer blade cuts extremely close and the larger trimmer is the perfect length for my goatee. But it was the "body", or vertical trimmer that surprised me most of all. When Remington says "Head to Toe Body Grooming Kit", they mean it... especially the part in the middle of those two things. This is by far the best ball shaving attachment I have ever used. The vertical orientation of the trimming head makes the ergonomics of ball shaving much easier, not to mention how close the blade trims!


I never was one for taking a blade and gel to my ol' man tackle, so I've always given it a good trim using a beard trimmer. With the horizontal head placement, some of the peaks and valleys in the male mid-section could make the terrain a bit difficult to tackle. That's why this vertical blade is so amazing! You can wield this thing like a lightsaber for your testicles. it gets where you want it and it doesn't pinch, pull, or tear at anything in the process. The finished product is as perfect as Don Johnson's 5 o'clock shadow from the 80's. Your lady friends will thank you!"


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