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You guys, have you seen 'Girls'?

It's fun! I know, waaaaay late to the party. Why can't I watch a show when it's first popular? idk it is some weird 21st century disease. Anyway the fabulous Nybro Action Team drove me to it. On season 2 now. Cannot decide if I'm a Hannah, Marnie, Jessa or Shoshanna. Then no, I realize I'm more HANNAH'S MOTHER OH MY GOD! Nice frontal nudity there, though, Hannah's mom, who I remember fondly from Freaks and Geeks and whose name I looked up and it's Becky Ann Baker. So I'm posting her photo here, with her TV hubby Peter Scolari, who is also fondly remembered from The Bob Newhart Show. OH GOD I'M JUST AN OLD OLD! But I am enjoying Girls, so I must be a modern old.... (Y'know, I think that pic is from Smash, not Girls. Did Becky Ann Baker also play Karen's mom? Is she just everybody's TV mom. Sweet deal, Becky Ann Baker!)


Oh, here's a pic from the actual show Girls. Not Showgirls, which is about some other girls, although there's a whole lotta naked going on in both shows...

And then, really, we now need a photo from Showgirls because there's always someone younger and hungrier coming down the stairs after you...

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