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You guys, have you seen Top of The Lake?

(I hope this is a video and not a link to a video. Magister tried to tell me how to do it but I done goofed, maybe) ETA: Nope, Magister's directions were flawless. But ew, Elizabeth Moss, go clean your face...

Oh my god Holly Hunter is amazing and so is Elizabeth Moss, and also all the actors I have never heard of. And it's over in one season. Not like The Fall with Gillian Anderson, which has not come back yet for season 2 and still has me on pins and needles after season 1 when SPOILER ALERT and SPOILER ALERT and omg the SPOILER ALERT!


Top of The Lake is very chick-empowering. Which I dig, because I'm a chick, and I'd like a little power, why not?!

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