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You HAVE to try this beer

I first tried beer from Lazy Magnolia Brewery here and it was amazing. I paired a BBQ shrimp dish (complete with sneakymeat) with a Jefferson Sweet Potato Cream Stout and I was blown away.


I never thought I'd get another chance to have beer from this obscure microbrewery since I live Up North(TM) and this brewery is located in Mississippi...

However, I'm in Florida right now and Grammy and I went to the local Total Wine and More, which is BEER HEAVEN! There are tons of domestic microbrews and imports to choose from - you can even buy individual bottles of beer so you can try all kinds of beer without having to buy a whole 6-pack.

Since I was south of the Mason-Dixon line in a place that had a huge variety of beer, I figured I should ask someone if they had any beer from Lazy Magnolia Brewery. Though they didn't have the potato cream stout, they DID have the Timber Beast and the Southern Pecan. I decided to go for the Timber Beast because I love IPAs and dudes who wear flannel.


If you go to Lazy Magnolia Brewery's website, you can locate a local distributor and see if you can find this beer anywhere near you. There's none within 100 miles of New York, so I'm glad I got my hands on it while I could.

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