1. The cops have never asked to search your car during a traffic stop.

2. Your family knows people you can use for college and job recommendations.

3. Not a single member of your peer group has been in jail.

4. You've never HAD to learn what "cis" meant.

5. You don't have to go to special bars to try to hook up.

6. The people in porn seem to look a lot like better looking versions of you and the people you date.

7. You knew that if you broke the law in high school your parents would find a good lawyer to make it go away.

8. You've never wondered if someone was dating you just because you were a fetish object.

9. You've never been in a sexual situation you didn't consent to and nobody has ever made you feel guilty for having sex.

10. You've never worried that the way you dress might get you bashed or shot.