Written in Ink
Written in Ink

For one Las Vegas cabbie: Life is like a bag you think is full of chocolates but actually contains $300,000 in cash that you then return to the rightful owner, who eventually gives you a $10,000 reward.

You make your choices and have to live with them (unless you're the type who handles the chocolates and puts the ones you don't like back). But I gotta say, $10,000 (or 3%) feels a little light. And this was from a professional poker player who tipped $5 on the original $9.90 ride.


But the cabbie seems happy, the still-anonymous gambler must be happy, so let's all be happy, too.

And yeah, I once found someone's grocery money in the supermarket parking lot and went through some effort to get it back to its rightful owner. (It was their grocery money!) No financial reward was involved, but I slept well that night.

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