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Your favorite hate reads

What do you enjoy reading just to sit and cringe about how much you don't like the writer or the subject matter?

I like reading Josh and Amy Duggar's twitter accounts:



You get to read a lot about how awesome Rick Santorum is. I also read a lot of websites about fundamentalist Christian housewives and life at fundamentalist Christian universities. I don't know why. I just do. I say I'm petty but remember, I lived in Boston for years so I'm full of hate.





Hyles Anderson is fascinating in that most of the faculty have gotten their degrees at this unaccredited university, some in "bus ministry" and really wondering what is going on there with this school. It's like part of that weird evangelical anti-government subculture. Hyles Anderson has a separate curriculum for men and women as there is an expectation that women must be married and at home even before they graduate. Women take classes like about understanding her husband and modest dressing. They have been involved in a major sexual assault/kidnapping/rape scandal http://www.chicagomag.com/Chicago-Magazi… Even the daughter of the founder has spoken out about the church and school as a cult:

hate read, indeed.

PS Sooner or later I'm going to write something interesting here.

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