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Your Future Girlfriend

ANW is a pleasure to watch - it's a fizzy mash-up of watching a Rube Goldberg machine and an extended "stupid human tricks" bit on Letterman. Each segment is 5-7 minutes long, which makes it ideal to check in briefly while folding laundry or during a lull of conversation with your partner after a long day and the kids are (finally) asleep.

The average contestant trends toward a larger male with an Adonis-like body. See here or here, via The Morning After. They often fail, sometimes spectacularly.


That is why it is such a revelation and joy to watch Ms. Catanzaro bend the course to her will. She, former collegiate athlete all of five feet and and devoid of nonsense.

I would suggest watching this video without sound. The announcers are absolutely terrible. But I dare you to not sit at your desk slack-jawed at the athleticism displayed here.

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