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Youtube views vs. Gawker pageviews

I'm trying to make sense of some observations regarding pageviews...

Here's a Deadspin post from January 1 with an embedded Youtube video, which shows Paul Finebaum speaking in front of the Kremlin. The Deadspin post has ~20,000 pageviews. By comparison, if you follow the video's URL back to YouTube, you'll see the video only has ~7,000 views.


Does that mean that when people watch embedded videos on Gawker stories, that their views DON'T get reflected in the YouTube counter? Because I can't imagine that 13,000 people clicked on the Finebaum story without bothering to watch the video. (Yet I also know from experimenting with my Blogspot blog that clicking on an embedded video there DOES increase the counter on YouTube.)

EDIT: Kinja is buggy, which means the comments here aren't coming up. However, both GramercyPolice and GrandadFreeman felt it was more likely that 13,000 people clicked on the Deadspin story and DIDN'T bother watching the video.

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