Here. It's one of the most specifically French parts of the country, where there is a significant number of native French speakers as well. Ethnically, half of my family is Italian and half Scottish, Irish, English and French but I grew up in such a predominately French Canadian area, I feel a lot of cultural affiliation toward the Acadian culture, even though it is a small part of my ancestry. It's interesting when you grow up in an area where you are not a member of the dominant culture and yet ethnicity and cultural affiliation is conflated. It's hard to make claims to things if you have no biological link to the culture. It's complicated for me b/c my biological father left at birth so I feel somewhat alienated from my own ethnic heritage, despite my attempts to learn more about it and identify with it. Half my family has not figured into my identity in a direct way at all. On my other half, there are so many cut-offs, that I don't know many parts of my family and there are all sorts of secrets and losses. Biological links are almost so obscure in parts that I struggle to discern their meaning. So the relatives I knew and the place I was from became much more important in shaping my identity.

How do you think of these influences and situations?