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Written in Ink
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Zimmerman Trial

So the medical examiner tried to state the dictionary definition of "slamming," (as in, into concrete—which she was denying happened more than once, based on her expert analysis). And the defense objected on the basis that it's hearsay. The dictionary.

I'm not a lawyer; I just thought that was rich. She doesn't seem inclined to characterize Zimmerman as injured in a life-threatening way. She testifies that most of Zimmerman's abrasions are negligible. "He was not incapacitated in any way." So she's being assailed all over. Plenty of other witnesses have been shitty. But this gal should shut the case, if she were afforded legitimacy. Along with records of Martin being on the phone as he was accosted. Can't rightly assault when you're chatting, canya?? Ugh, somehow they'll exonerate Zimmerman. I'm really worried—and not about the potential riots. I might want to wreck shop too.

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